Adopt cultivation of less water intensive crops like millets

Participate in recharge of rural water bodies through Amrit Sarovar Scheme

Practice crop diversification. Move from rice & wheat cultivation to pulse & oil seed cropping system.

Use efficient water saving technologies (like micro-irrigation, bunding, farm ponds, zero tillage, direct seeded rice, alternate wetting and drying and others)

Create rainwater harvesting infrastructure in home/ schools/ offices

Use drip irrigation systems created with waste materials, wherever possible

Reuse water from washed vegetables to water plants and other purpose

Pre-soak heavy pots and pans before washing them

Do not discard unused stored water every time there is fresh water coming in taps

Use buckets instead of hose pipes to water plants/ floors/ vehicles

Fix leaks in flushes, taps and waterpipes

Use water-efficient fixtures for taps, and showerheads, and toilet flush units

Invest in a water meter for your house to measure water consumption regularly

Reuse water drained out from AC/RO for cleaning utensils, watering plants and others

Prefer a water purification system that wastes less water